Our Services

  • PC, Mac and Consoles

    Nothing like the living room experience of consoles or the high performance fun on PC and Mac. We especially love couch games, so our next premium game is already in the works!

  • HTML5 Games

    We can design and implement your game from scratch, or customize existing HTLM5 games for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. Ask about it at contact@octetostudios.com

  • Tailor-made Games

    Branded games and special projects for digital marketing and events. Ask for a quotation at contact@octetostudios.com

  • Mobile Games

    We develop and publish our own games for tablets and smartphones on different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

  • cyberops videogame

    Cyber Ops – Tactical Hacking Support

  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles City Showdown

    Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – City Showdown

  • Matching Card Heroes

    Matching Card Heroes

  • Remote Fu

    Remote Fu – Cartoon Network

  • Frenzy Trail videogame

    Frenzy Trail

  • chimney_rush_japo


  • Sports heads football championship

    Sports Heads Football Championship

  • Eurokeeper2016

    Eurokeeper 2016

  • Chimney Rush

    Chimney Rush

  • spell

    3, 2, 1 Spell!

  • Gaviota Invaders

    Gaviota Invaders

  • Bam Surf

    Bam Surf

  • Lucho Rey

    Lucho Rey

  • Iridio (Ir)

  • Helio (He)

  • Bromo (Br)

Our Clients



Nickelodeon is the number-one brand for kids with original cartoons, sitcoms, movies, award shows, products and more!


Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel, subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System.


Spil Games

Spil Games

They deliver free games on web or mobile to audiences around the world.




First supplier of an all-in-one HTML5 games publishing platform for developers and publishers.


Worker Bee Inc.

Worker Bee Inc.

Worker Bee was founded in November 2003. Since then they have been working with major Japanese publishers to develop a variety of mobile applications.




Online action games. Shooting, racing and jetpack games. Everything that’s fast, challenging and exciting.


Toon Goggles

Toon Goggles

It is an on-demand entertainment service for children that offers animated cartoons, live-action shows, games and music worldwide via the web and mobile applications.


Universidad Autónoma

U. Autónoma

Chilean private university. It was founded in 1989, with offices in Temuco, Talca and Santiago.

Universidad de los Andes

U. de los Andes

Chilean private autonomous and Catholic university. It was founded in 1989, its headquarters are located in Santiago de Chile.

Pedro, Juan y Diego

PJD Publicidad

Advertising agency with more than 7 years of presence in the Chilean market.




Entel is the largest Chilean telecommunications company. The company is known for the 127 meter high Torre Entel.



  • Julio_Marambio
    Julio Marambio
    CEO & Lead Designer

    Always wondering whether he’s a human or a poorly-constructed replicant. Film freak, artist wannabe, skilled writer and seafood expert. 10 years of experience in international business, studies in cinema, linguistics and game development. He loves Japanese food and culture, rock music, D&D, action arcades, stealth games and interactive storytelling. 

  • Gonzalo Gaete
    Gonzalo Gaete
    Director & CFO

    Gamer since the age of Atari, our Lead Developer is an Engineer with over eight years of professional experience in the software industry, currently chasing his dream to make a living out of game development. Lover of Pixar, pop music, soccer and action-adventure videogames, master of Mario Kart and former member of the national FIFA team ☺.

  • Fernanda Zúñiga
    Fernanda Zúñiga
    Director & Lead UX

    Graphic designer out of conviction, with ten years of experience in the digital media. She came into the world of videogames because of her passion for animation and interactive experiences. Self-called foodie, she loves Patagonia and rock (she plays the drums!). She enjoys adventure games and those with a strong narrative element.

  • Andrés Gormaz
    Andrés Gormaz
    Director & Game Designer.

    RTSG? Check. MMOG? Check. Collectible card games? Check, omg yes, check them all!… He loves games and competition, ergo, he loves competitive games. He’s designed games for years, mostly board games. His competitive thinking, Engineering studies and vast experience in game mechanics are his main attribute. Weakness? According to him, everything else (we disagree!).

  • Joaquin Cardenas
    Joaquín Cárdenas
    Co-Founder & Lead Developer

    He’s been extremely passionate about games since a little kid. Even though he loves every aspect of videogames, when it comes to developing, he decided to make programming his weapon of choice. He’s currently studying Computer Engineering and hopes one day to work full time designing mechanics and game narrative. He’d love to make animated short stories as a hobby.

  • Alexia Oñate
    Alexia Oñate
    2D artist

    Fan of anything creepy, retro, supernatural and nerd. Loves studying, improving and learning. Professional illustrator and designer, working in videogames since 2012. Alexia enjoys creating stories and worlds, and specially designing characters (sometimes too many!!). She plays strategy and logic games, as well as weird RPGs with gripping stories. Did we forget to mention that she’s the coolest K-Pop dancer ever?

  • Raphael Jadot
    Raphaël Jadot

    Half Belgian, half Chilean, Rapha brings the European taste to this tribe of savages. Melodic death metal fan, he loves Tarantino movies, neo-noir films and classy TV shows like Utopia, American Gods and Rick & Morty. He enjoys black humor and is the master of the over-extended, repetitive, boring joke. But he’s such a nice panda that everyone around ends up laughing anyway. His greatest interest is level design, prototyping, or anything related to game development.

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